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Compact firefighting vehicles with hydraulic drive

Discover our latest generation of compact firefighting vehicles, which are based on an innovative hydraulic drive and directly use the power of the vehicle engine. This fleet includes UTVs, pickup trucks, and SUVs.







Outstanding features are:

  • Use of the vehicle engine, leaving the trunk or loading area completely free

  • Larger amounts of water and equipment can be carried, increasing efficiency and flexibility

  • Significantly increased extinguishing power of 30 to 45 kW compared to the previous 10 to 15 kW

  • For the first time, simultaneous supply of two teams for all types of rapid attack is possible

  • Simultaneous distribution of extinguishing water between two teams is easily possible

We also offer a variety of jet types using our innovative accessory concept

Multipower Grafik Englisch.png

These vehicles are particularly suitable for:

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