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Hydraulic transformers
now also in various steps (various transmission ratios)

Single-stage hydraulic transformer
Power 15 kW - weight 12.5 kg

Our hydraulic transformers are the solution for a variety of industrial applications that require flexible and efficient use of hydraulic energy. Through innovative technology, they transform a first hydraulic power P1 of an available power source to a different power range P2 and/or to a different fluid such as water to fulfill various purposes:

  1. Higher hydraulic pressure: Our transformers enable pressure boosting up to 2000 bar and more, which is particularly crucial for applications with high pressure requirements.

  2. Quantity increase: With our devices you can convert a small amount of drive oil into a large second quantity, which increases the efficiency and performance of your systems.

  3. Water jets: Perfect for high-pressure cleaning or as a tool for concrete renovation, our transformers deliver the water jets you need with precision and power.

  4. 2-stage fluid applications: With just one transformer you can realize various 2-stage fluid applications, such as abrasive free blasting followed by rinsing or initially high force followed by high speed.

A particular advantage of our transformers is their mobility. Vehicles with an existing hydraulic system or commercial vehicles can immediately be used as a source of hydraulic power and as a carrier of the necessary water for the respective task. Here are some examples of applications:

  • Sweepers for dual tasks such as road blasting and high-pressure cleaning.

  • Concrete pumps and mixers for flushing the concrete delivery pipes and high-pressure cleaning.

  • Fire engines for high and low pressure applications such as extinguishing fog and removal effect.

  • Municipal vehicles for normal municipal work and mobile high-pressure cleaning.

  • Sludge suction and rinsing vehicles for clearing the sludge and washing it away.

  • Service vehicles for high-pressure cleaning of machines before repairs.

Our hydraulic transformers are now also available in multi-stage, meaning you get multiple ratios with just one device. This offers you additional flexibility and efficiency in your applications.

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