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About Us


We are specialized in the development, production and distribution of components for oil hydraulics, water jet and firefighting technology in the field of mechanical engineering and vehicle construction

Hydraulic drives for e.g
Compressors, generators


Water jet technology e.g
for high pressure cleaning


Innovative firefighting technology

Our expertise

We currently have a particular focus on vehicle assembly

  • mobile commercial technology

  • the construction industry

  • mobile municipal technology

  • and firefighting technology

Our philosophy is very simple:


faster smaller lighter stronger cheaper

All of this should be done at the same time, and technically with a big step forward. At first glance this is impossible, because that is exactly what real innovation is.

We forge innovations!

According to Albert Einstein, a real innovation only exists when experts judge the latter to be "unfeasible". Because if it were easy to do, the experts would have implemented it themselves long ago. That's exactly where we start. And these are our successes:

German companies

9 industrial licensees in 6 countries (3 x D, CN, H, I, Jap, 2 x USA)

  • including the world's largest pump manufacturer (for patent P329.29.652)

  • The world's largest manufacturer of hydraulic eccentric motors switched completely to their basic idea after the FRIEDRICHS patents expired (patent P21.32.941)

  • Hydraulic transformers as a new basic element of oil hydraulics, built under license by four companies in four variants (patent EP 329.208)

  • various national and international R&D projects

  • 1st Innovation Prize (Milan Industrial Fair)

  • Innovation Silver Medal Leningrad

  • Innovation Prize Saxony-Anhalt

8 brokered industrial licenses

  • one company achieved 70% market share within a year

  • a company made the Forbes list of the 30 best

Zero wear
Hydraulic motors
Patent P21.32.941

first hydraulic excavator with innovative electronics
Patent P24.08209

Electric pumps
Patent P29.29.652

A new basic element: hydraulic transformers
Patent EP329.208

Patent highlights

Vehicle references (trucks equipped with hydraulic transformers):

  1. Italy: approx. 700 small trucks for fire-fighting purposes

  2. USA: approx. 250 pick-ups for rescue technology

  3. Germany: approx. 3,500 concrete pump trucks for mobile high-pressure cleaning

  4. Small fire truck with truck firefighting power

  • 3x Chevrolet Nürburgring firefighting vehicles

  • various off-road vehicles, pick-ups and around 500 municipal UNIMOGs

  • most highway maintenance departments for mobile cleaning technology

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